For anyone making glass pieces with several components, a garage keeps parts warm and ready for assembly. Wide doors allow for heat color bar and powder drawings on wide plates We include yokes and pipe stands built onto the garage for ergonomic use. It can also be used for a wider range of processes including crude annealing, slumping and fusing.

This unit is well insulated and has a flame path that enables stable heat distribution with higher temperatures towards the burner side. We include yokes and pipe stands built onto the garage for ergonomic use. Garages come standard with a venturi mixer, cast iron sticktite nozzle, and flame safety system which includes a temperature display.


Options and Add-on's

Simple Temperature Control

A temperature controller turns the burner on and off to maintain a set temperature range. A foot pedal is used to override the burner and keep it on for rapid pre-heating of parts.

Contact us for pricing and details.

Full Temperature Control

This uses a burner system similar to what we use on Glory Holes.  A variable speed blower is controlled by a temperature controller to maintain the perfect heat for your needs. 

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Prices and Specs

Prices below are for complete assemblies that are TUV certified and tested. This includes the equipment body, control and heating system(s), and thermocouple(s).  These prices are a best estimate and may change.  Please contact us to request a current quote with desired options and customization.

Spec sheets can be viewed at the link below. Some spec sheets are outdated, but weights and dimensions have stayed consistent over the years.  Contact us for updated versions when needed.

Spec Sheets

Product NameHeat Output (BTU/hr)Interior DimensionsPrice (USD)
GA16200035.5”w x 17”d x 13.5”h$7,277
GA29000049”w x 22”d x 18”h$9,049