A pipe warmer heats the tips of the pipes and punties so that molten glass will stick to them when gathering. It can also be used to keep small glass parts, such as lip wraps, warm while still on the end of a punty rod. The pipe warmer can generally support 2-3 stations.

Pipe warmers come standard with a venturi mixer, cast iron sticktite nozzle, and flame safety system. Pipewarmers are sized by the length of the pipe opening.

The top of the pipewarmer is a hinged lid, allowing easy clean out of shards.

Options and Add-on's

Ribbon Burner

Replace the nozzle burner with a stainless steel ribbon burner that stretches the whole length of the pipewarmer. A ribbon burner provides more even heat from one side to the other.

Prices and Specs

Prices below are for complete assemblies that are TUV certified and tested. This includes the oven body, control and heating system(s), and thermocouple(s).  These prices are a best estimate and may change.  Please contact us to request a current quote with desired options and customization.

Spec sheets can be viewed at the link below. Some spec sheets are outdated, but weights and dimensions have stayed consistent over the years.  Contact us for updated versions when needed.

Spec Sheets

Product NameHeat Output (kW )Price (USD)