Color Ovens

Color ovens are designed for keeping color bars hot, but may also be used for heating graal cups or other items that can be picked up hot. Color ovens are available as front or top loaders.

Our ovens are lined with insulating firebrick that is backed by ceramic fiberboard making them efficient, durable components of your studio. 

Elements are recessed into slots cut into the brick wall, and door limit switches de-energize heating elements when doors are open to protect the user from any electrical hazard.  A high temperature limit prevents the oven from overheating due to component failure or user error.

Color Ovens can be built to be hardwired into the electrical supply, or equipped with a cord, plug, and casters for easy movement around the hot shop.

Front loading ovens are normally built as part of a combo unit, or can be built as a tabletop style.

Options and Add-on's

F4T Touchscreen Controller

This touchscreen temperature controller replaces the standard Watlow PM many of us are familiar with. Featuring expanded profiles, easy to navigate menus, full words, some customization, and language options.


Racks designed for holding color bar in a front loader.  Zig-zag design prevents bars from rolling.

OnSite Remote Connectivity

This product allows you to access the controller remotely with an easy to use interface. Connect via Local WiFi with just a few clicks, or use the secure VNC to access the controller through the internet. You can receive programmable alarms through email and text, track profiles with data logging, and write complex profiles from any phone, tablet, or PC.

Compatible with the Watlow PM controllers that come standard on all ovens, and with the F4T controller.

Prices and Specs

Prices below are for complete assemblies that are TUV certified and tested. This includes the oven body, control and heating system(s), and thermocouple(s).  These prices are a best estimate and may change.  Please contact us to request a current quote with desired options and customization.

Spec sheets can be viewed at the link below. Some spec sheets are outdated, but weights and dimensions have stayed consistent over the years.  Contact us for updated versions when needed.

Spec Sheets

Color Front (CF) loader and Color Top (CT) loader ovens
Product NameHeat Output (kW )Interior DimensionsPrice (USD)
CF1.63.318″w x 12″d x 13.5″h$5,975
CF2.3518″w x 16.5″d x 13.5″h$7,691
CT3.1517.5″w x 17.5″d x 17.5″h$8,571