The furnace is the appliance in a hot glass studio that holds the molten glass that will be gathered or ladled out to make glass products. That said, there are very few hot glass studios that operate without a furnace. Our three models of glass furnace include the round day tank, the free standing pot furnace, and the continuous melt furnace. Ideally the furnace is large enough to supply 3-4 days worth of glass before refilling or “charging.  Continuous melt furnaces provide about half their total capacity a day in usable glass.

Our furnaces incorporate design features that we have built upon for many years.  They are the culmination of years of experience and comprehension in art glass furnace functionality, ergonomics, insulation, atmosphere control and heat reclamation.

All models are available as gas or electric powered.  All furnaces come standard with our OnSite remote connectivity and interface.

RDT560 GEN5-3
Round Day Tank (RDT)
Free Standing Pot (FSP)
Continous Melt (CM)