All of our ovens are lined with insulating firebrick that is backed by ceramic fiberboard making them efficient, durable components of your studio.  Elements are recessed into slots that are cut into the brick wall, and door limit switches de-energize the heating elements when doors are open to protect the user from any electrical hazard.  Doors have a tightening latch system and full adjustability to ensure a tight fit from the first day to 10 years down the road, and levelers are standard on all ovens. 

Top Loaders feature fiber module lids, kickstands for safety and ease of use, and gaskets to seal in the heat.  Larger lids feature spring cylinder assisted opening.  For fusing ovens, elements are suspended from the ceiling and walls inside quartz tubes for even heating.

All ovens have the option for interior racks to maximize space, and racks for top loaders for better ergonomics.  Multiple temperature control zones can be added to all ovens for perfectly even heat. All front loaders are available as stacks of two, top loaders can be built on tracks to slide underneath other ovens, and custom sizing and features are always available.

Fusing and Slumping
Pickup and Color Ovens