6 Month Maintenance: Disconnect all power before servicing equipment and use lockout/tagout procedure detailed in the safety section. **All electrical connections are to be done by qualified technician.**

All electrical terminals must be torqued on the equipment every 6 months.  Torque specifications can be found on a tag inside the door of the control panel, or in the component manuals.   Lack of torqueing can cause loose connections that arc, melting and burning terminals and components.

Apply suitable electrical grease to terminals and bus bar connections on equipment with Molybdenum Disilicide heaters.

Inspect elements and element junction box.  Elements coming out of their grooves can cause a short circuit against racks or other metal inside an oven and damage the oven.  Elements outside their grooves will warp, stretch, and degrade much quicker.  Connections in the element junction box must be inspected for corrosion and heat damage.

Confirm all safety systems are functioning properly.  When the door is opened, the door switch should trip causing the “Interlocks Closed” Light to turn off, and the Contactor inside the panel to “thunk” open.  Adjust door switch mounting as needed so that it trips before there is enough room for an arm to enter the oven.  Disconnect the “High Limit” Thermocuple, the “Interlocks Closed” Light should turn off, and the Contactor inside the panel should “Thunk” open.

Clean and repaint metal showing wear.  Paint wears off with use and heat, and metal will degrade much more quickly without paint.

Replace gaskets strips of the door seal and adjust door fit as needed.  Worn gaskets will make your oven less efficient and cause damage to door switches and other components mounted around the doors.

Check all fans are functioning inside the control panel, and clean filters when present.