Basic maintenance checks should be performed every 6 months.  Proper maintenance will extend the life of your equipment, improve saftey, and increase efficiency.  

Start with the FRG at about half (Factory setting), and the needle valve open just a few turns.   Air will need to be bled from the lines the first time, and the equipment will need to run through its startup sequence several times to do so.  Set the Watlow controller to manual and set to 70%

The blower will run for a 30 second purge, then the DSSOV(Dual Safety Shut-off Valves) will click open.  KDI Valves have indicators that turn red when the valves open.  Kromschroder have blue lights that indicate open.  When the valves open, use a MAP gas torch or similar inserted into the lighting hole to light the burners.  If the system does not start within the allotted time the valves close and an error is displayed on the MPA.  Press reset to begin the ignition procedure again.

When the Glory Hole is lit, adjust the needle valve to achieve a good neutral flame.  Change the blower speed on the Watlow Controller to 100%.  Adjust the needle valve again if needed.  Decrease blower speed to 50% and adjust the FRG as needed.  Decrease blower speed to 0% and adjust FRG as needed.

Change the Controller to Auto, and set the temp for 500F.  Let sit for an hour.  Repeat at 1000, 1500, and 2000.  Attened throughout the process to adjust gas/air ratio as needed.  Ratio changes at different temperatures, so focus on working temperature.

Turn the glory hole off by pressing the red “Off” Button.  To start again, press the “On” Button.  Glory hole controller can be left at working temp, it does not need to be ramped up or down.

Two Burner glory holes need to be lit at 70-100% blower speed.  The first bunrer lights the second burner and needs to be at high fire for this top happen properly.