Pipe Warmers


A pipe warmer heats the tips of the pipes and punties so that molten glass will stick to them when gathering. It can also be used to keep small glass parts, such as lip wraps, warm while still on the end of a punty rod. The pipe warmer can generally support 2-3 stations. Pipe warmers come standard with an venturi mixer and a cast iron sticktite nozzle – please specify natural gas or propane.

We recommend using our Venturi Mixer Safety Package which includes flame supervision, smart redundant safety shutoff valves and temperature display. Pipe Warmer Spec Sheets

Gas Pipe Warmer

Model Opening BTUs Price
PW15.5 15.5”w 25k/Hr $2,806.00
PW20 20”w 27k/Hr $3,032.00
PW29 29”w 40k/Hr $3,350.00

Electric Pipe Warmer

Coming Soon…