For anyone making glass pieces with several components, a garage keeps parts warm and ready for assembly. Our garage has an opening measuring 10” tall by 22.5” wide to permit the making of goblets, heating color bar and heating powder drawings on wide plates. It can also be used for a wider range of processes including crude annealing, slumping and fusing. This unit is well insulated and has a flame path that enables stable heat distribution with higher temperatures towards the left side. Garages come standard with an venturi mixer and a cast iron sticktite nozzle – please specify natural gas or propane.

We recommend using our Venturi Mixer Safety Package which includes flame supervision, smart redundant safety shutoff valves and temperature display. Garage Spec Sheets

Gas Garages

Model Interior Dimensions BTUs Price
GA1 35.5”w x 17”d x 13.5”h 62K/Hr $4,160.00
GA2 49”w x 22”d x 18”h 90K/Hr $6,646.00

Electric Garages

Coming Soon…