Fusing/Slumping Ovens


Our fusing/slumping ovens are the result of many hours of design refinement to bring the finest features to your studio.

The rigid clamshell lid is well insulated and features an integral air gap to keep external surface temperatures down.  Numerous peep sights double as adjustable vents to allow for process monitoring as well as quicker cool down rates.  Lifting is easy thanks to gas spring assistance.

Generously insulated with ceramic fiber modules and heated with wire elements encased in quartz tubing, these kilns will perform beautifully to heat work quickly and evenly. Fusing Oven Spec Sheets

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Fusing/Slumping Ovens

Model Interior Dimension Power Doors
FUSE271812 27″w x 18″d x 12″h 6.6 kW 1- spring assist
FUSE303018 30″w x 30″d x 18″h 11.5 kW 1- spring assist
FUSE603612 60”w x 36”d x 12”h 17.3 kW 2- spring assist
FUSE544218 54″w x 42″d x 18″h 20.2 kW 2- spring assist
FUSE967218 96″w x 72″d x 18″h 47.7 kW 2 -hydraulic