Thermjet Burners (Nozzle Mix) and Safety Packages

Thermjet Burner Safety Package

Our furnace combustion/safety packages meet or exceed NFPA 86 Standard for Ovens and Furnaces. These packages are designed to be used with WDG Furnace Control Panels. Included in the packages are, air valve actuator (on ABV packages only), ALO or AOGC, proportionator, UV scanner, gas pressure switch, dual safety shutoff valves with flanges, visual position indicators, an ignition transformer, and a CPI 400 (when required by code). These components come assembled and installed on the equipment.

Model Burner Size Price
CSP Small PCA 150k Btu – 250k Btu $4,680.00
CSP Multi Flame Small PCA 150k Btu – 250k Btu Contact us for price
CSP Medium PCA 400k Btu $4,924.00
CSP Multi Flame Medium PCA 400k Btu Contact us for price
CSP Large PCA 500k But – 750k Btu $5,012.00
CSP Multi Flame Large PCA 500k But – 750k Btu Contact us for price


Thermjet Burners

Thermjets are high-performance, high-velocity nozzle mix burners with a potential turndown ratio of 50 to 1. This means a properly selected model will idle at a very soft, very quiet setting, yet offer all the flame and power you need to cook glass quickly. These burners exhibit the cleanest emissions qualities in the business and are extraordinarily flexible in terms of installation.  Please specify natural gas or propane.

Model Max BTU/Hr
TJ27.0015-PCA 150,000
TJ27.0025 PCA 250,000
TJ27.0040 PCA 400,000
TJ27.0050 PCA 500,000
TJ27.0075 PCA 750,000
TJ27.0100 PCA 1,000,000