Round Day Tank Furnaces


Choose Round Day Tanks when you have no time for downtime due to a leaky crucible.  These workhorses can go for years before maintenance may be required.  These furnaces are very efficient glass melters thanks to small external surface area, generous insulation, heat recuperation, tight construction, unique heating chamber design and large glass surface area exposed to the heat.

Round Day Tank models are lined with press bonded AZS.  We have this material since 1999, and found it to hold up very well to thermal shock and corrosion.  The first furnace liner we built from this material lasted for 13 years at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.  We expect 8-10+ year lifespans and have recorded 35% reduction in heat loss compared to our earlier rectangle models. Clients report higher glass quality as well, which can be attributed to a decrease in combustion volume and the absense of corners in the tank liner. Round Day Tank Furnace Spec Sheets

Gas Round Day Tank Furnaces

Round day tank furnaces come standard with an Eclipse Thermjet burner and recuperator. Furnaces require Gas Safety Packages, Combustion Air Systems and Control Panels, all sold separately. (click on links for details and pricing for those systems)

Model Burner Max Output Door Opening
RDT400 Eclipse Thermjet TJ0025PCA 250,000 BTU/Hr 12” x 12”
RDT560 Eclipse Thermjet TJ0040PCA 400,000 BTU/Hr 12” x 12”
RDT740 Eclipse Thermjet TJ0050PCA 500,000 BTU/Hr 12” x 12”
RDT1000 Eclipse Thermjet TJ0075PCA 750,000 BTU/Hr 12” x 12”

Electric Round Day Tank Furnaces
Electric furnaces come standard with heating elements including spare(s), control panel and transformer. Contact us for pricing.

Model Electric Supply Options Max Electric Consumption Door Opening
ERDT400 1P / 3P 25kW 12” x 12”
ERDT560 1P / 3P 30kW 12” x 12”
ERDT740 1P / 3P 40kW 12” x 12”