Proportional Mixers and Safety Packages

Premix Combustion Safety Packages
Our Glory Hole Safety Packages are designed to be NFPA 86 compliant and include a zero governor, uv scanner, gas and air pressure switches, dual safety shutoff, visual indicator and a CPI 400 for models GH24 and larger. A Control Panel with flame supervision and a Watlow EZ-Zone PM controller for manual or automatic temperature control is required. Automatic temperature control requires a Type R thermocouple, not included (please call for pricing).

Model kW Gas Inlet Price
SGH05 Package .72 1/2″ $2,945.00
SGH07 Package .72 3/4″ $3,178.00
SGH10 Package .72 1″ $3,332.00

Proportional Mixers
Proportional mixers are commonly used for glory holes, but can also be used for furnaces and garages when available gas pressure is too low for other burners. They will efficiently mix any commercially available fuel gas from 4“w.c. to 1 psi with air from 4“w.c. to 4 psi. When used with a zero governor, the volume of the air/gas mixture is regulated by a butterfly valve and the ratio of air to gas is maintained throughout the firing range.

Model Gas Inlet Air Inlet Mixture Outlet
LP-44 ½” NPT 1 ½” NPT 1 ½” NPT
LP-64 1” NPT 1 ½” NPT 1 ½” NPT
LP-84 2” NPT 2” NPT 2” NPT