Premix Burner Nozzles

Premix Burner Nozzles
Widely acclaimed for their excellent flame stability and low noise level, these round burners are easy to install and exceptionally durable. They are available in two sizes rated for use with mixture pressures between 4” and 6” water column. Use 1 small burner for glory holes 12” dia. or smaller, use 2 small burners for glory holes 15” to 18”, use 2 large burners for glory holes 21” to 24”, and four large burners for 27” to 33” glory holes. See chart below for general selection guidelines and pricing. More accurate selection can be made when air pressure and glory hole insulation materials are known.

Model Dimensions Max Btu/Hr Price
MINI Burn 2 ¾” OD, 1.5” NPT 120k/Hr $184.00
SM Burn 3 ¾” OD, 2” NPT 175k/Hr $184.00
LG Burn 4 ¾” OD, 2” NPT 240k/Hr $192.00
XL Burn 5 ¼” OD, 2” NPT 350k/Hr $192.00

Sticktite Burner Nozzles
Sticktite burner nozzles are flame retention nozzles made of cast iron. This material works well if it stays cool, a good choice for pipe warmers and garages. To use this chart simply select the nozzle with the appropriate inlet size to match the outlet size of the mixer you will use.

Model Inlet Size Price
ST 204-18 1” $89.00
ST 205-28 1 ¼” $112.00
ST 206-36 1 ½” $139.00
ST 208-42 2” $178.00