Gas Safety Components

Flame Supervision/UV Sensors
NFPA86 requires electronic flame supervision for burners rated 150Kbtu or greater. Eclipse Veriflames have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Customers may place orders for the below model (or other Veri-Flame models) no later than October 26, 2018. Current WDG gas powered equipment is built with Dungs MPA and UV scanner.

Model Price
Eclipse Veriflame – 120V for use with UV Scanner. Discontinued by Manufacturer $875.00
Eclipse UV Scanner $409.00
Dungs MPA $737.00
Dungs  UV Scanner $437.50

Safety Shutoff Valves
NFPA86 requires redundant safety shutoff valves on any gas line supplying fuel to a burner rated 150Kbtu or greater. Please contact us for assistance in sizing for your particular application.

Model Description
VCS Dual Solenoid Valve
VAS Single Solenoid Valve
Model Description
DMV/DLE Dual Solenoid Valve
MV/DLE Single Solenoid Valve


Proportionator/Zero Governor and Regulators
Dungs FRG series regulators automatically adjust gas flow based on air flow. When the diaphragm is under positive pressure as it is when used with a nozzle-mix burner, it is called a proportionator. When used under negative pressure as in the case of a proportional mixer, it is called a zero governor.

Model Price
FRG 1/2″ $290.82
FRG 3/4″ $299.50
FRG 1″ $308.78

Pressure Switches
Pressure switches open and close electric circuits to verify safe gas and air pressure. We offer pipe mount and valve body mount versions.

Dungs Air Pressure Switches – Valve Mount
Model Price
AA-A2-6-2, 0.16″-1.2″ wc $103.35
AA-A2-6-5, 2″-20″ wc $103.35
Dungs Gas Pressure Switches – Valve Mount
Model Price
GAO-A2-4-5, 2″-20″ w $119.01
GAO-A2-4-6, 12″-60″ $119.01

Limiting Orifices and Gas cocks
Adjustable orifices regulate pressure and volume of fuel. Please contact us for assistance in sizing for your particular application.

Eclipse ALO
Model Price
¾” NPT ALO $186.00
1” NPT ALO $195.00
1 ¼” NPT ALO $312.00
Eclipse AOGC
Model Price
½” NPT AOGC $116.00

Butterfly and Locking Ball Valves
Butterfly valves are used to regulate combustion air volume and pressure. Please contact us for assistance in sizing for your particular application and for reduced port manual and automatic butterfly valves. Locking ball valves are used for manually opening and closing fuel supply to the combustion system.

Ball Valves
Eclipse Manual Full Port Butterfly Valves
Model Price
1 1/2″” NPT BLFY $121.00
2” NPT BFLY $132.00
2 1/2” NPT BFLY $143.00

Ignition Transformers
Ignition transformers supply 6000VAC to the burner spark plug to reliably ignite the gas and air mixture exiting the burner.