Free Standing Pot Furnaces

Choose freestanding pot furnaces when you need to replace crucibles, often called “pots”, on a regular basis due to melting of colored or highly corrosive glasses.  Our freestanding pot models allow the crucible to be placed through the removable lower front wall.  These furnaces also feature drain/clean out ports. Crucibles not included.

Gas Free Standing Pot Furnaces
Gas Safety Packages, Combustion Air Systems and Control Panels are sold separately.

Model Burner Max Output Door Opening
FSP135 Eclipse Thermjet TJ0015PCA 150,000 BTU/Hr 10” x 10”
FSP200 Eclipse Thermjet TJ0025PCA 250,000 BTU/Hr 10” x 10”
FSP275 Eclipse Thermjet TJ0025PCA 250,000 BTU/Hr 11” x 11”
FSP400 Eclipse Thermjet TJ0040PCA 400,000 BTU/Hr 12” x 12”

Electric Free Standing Pot Furnaces
Electric furnaces come standard with heating elements including spare(s), control panel and transformer.

Model Electric Supply Options Max Electric Consumption Door Opening
EFSP135 1P / 3P 16.4kW 10” x 10”
EFSP200 1P / 3P 25kW 10” x 10”
EFSP275 1P / 3P 27.5 kW 11” x 11”
EFSP400 1P / 3P 42.3kW 12” x 12”