Charging Chutes/Garage Tools/Ladles/Rakes

ChargingS-bwCharging Chute
Minimize heat loss and charging mess with a charging chute. Fill the chute, open the furnace door, charge, close the door – Done!Holds up to 50Lbs of batch.

Model Price
Charging Chute $165.00


Garage Tools
Steel tools aid moving glass into and out of a garage. Handles are 39” long. The pastorelli is 5” x 7”.

Model Price
GT1 $69.00
GT2 $69.00
GT3 $89.00



43” handle. Double thick collar is triplepass welded to ladle cup for unsurpassed durability.

Model Price
L4 $223.00
L6 $237.00
L8 $270.00
L10 $291.00


Have bubbles from gathering? Use our rake to skim the surface of the glass and push bubble to the back of the furnace so they don’t end up in your work. This rake is 9” wide stainless steel with 60” mild steel handle.

Model Price
RK960 $105.00