Blowers and Combustion Air Assemblies

Forced combustion air is supplied to studio equipment either individually by dedicated variable speed blowers or as a group fed by a single fixed speed blower via manifold.

Variable Speed Blowers
Most combustion equipment from WDG use our variable speed blower systems which receive an input speed signal from the temperature controller. The blower speeds up when there is a call for heat, and slows down when the set point is lower than the process temperature. Compared with fixed speed blowers, dedicated variable speed blowers save energy as units can be slowed or turned off on an individual basis.

Blower Model Voltage Energy Consumption Volume (CFM) Max Pressure (“w.c.) Price
250 Watt Blower 120VAC 2.5kW 130  26 $900.00
VB007 230/460VAC 1.1kW 107  55.5 $1,326.00
VB019 230/460VAC 2.6kW 160  78 $1,381.00

Our VSB-250 EN system works with all combustion furnaces and most glory holes. Larger glory holes use the VB007 or VB019 combustion air assemblies.

Combustion Air Assembly Model Blower Price
VSB-250 EN 250 Watt Blower $1,602.00
Combustion Air Assembly 1 HP VB007 $2,433.00
Combustion Air Assembly 2.5 HP VB019 $2,566.00

Ametek Performance Curve

VB007 Performance Curve

VB019 Performance Curve